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The German With Nicole[dot]com Podcast is for German Learners! You can learn about vocabulary, grammar, learning strategies and tactics, and loads more.

Currently it’s host-on-mic and later I’ll add interviews, however not until I’m good and ready for it.

It’s part of the marketing plan for my business, so there is a very specific purpose to it. The episodes are part of blog posts, too. I was producing one episode per week in 2021 and now I’ve decided to produce 2-3 episodes per month. I feel a lot saner now!

Website: Podcast - German With


Hi @GermanWithNicole Is the link correct? It took me to an advertising landing page when I clicked above.

Oh, I’ll fix it. The podcast shows up in the directory as “German With Nicole[dot]com”, and when I type it into the site here, it makes it an URL automatically.

Please use the “Captivate links” or “Website link” instead. :slight_smile: Thanks @AmandaB

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I never thought vocabulary about the Ukraine and Ukrainians would be my 27th episode, and yet here we are.


Downloads are at 4960 and I expect that to tick over 5.000 this weekend.

WOW. That’s really something!

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Podcast episode 32 (to publish next Tuesday) SHIPPED! :anchor: It’s a 16-minute episode and was a bit of a beast to produce, although I kept it as simple as possible. I shall enjoy returning to 5-7 minute episodes.

Downloads will reach 6200 today. It’s been great fun to see the numbers tick up, up, up in recent months. Now to turn them into email subscribers, that’s the next step, the prep work for which is currently underway, and that conversion process will commence June 1.

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Today a friend of mine gave me a wonderful compliment on the podcast. She said she loves the topics I choose, the creativity I put into it, and she said practices the German phrases along with me while she’s listening in the car.

I’m beaming. :slight_smile:

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7048 downloads!!! :partying_face: :tada: Wahoooooo!!

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Here’s to one official year of podcasting, showing up, and the many people who helped me get here. :slight_smile:

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In POD8 we were asked to set a first goal and my first goal was “1000 downloads.” Once I reached that, then I looked forward to 2.000 and 2.500 downloads. After 5.000 I thought, “Cool, OK, this is something.”

But I didn’t really admit to myself that the final goal I wanted to set was 10.000 downloads. I wasn’t ready to realize that I’d dare to let go of specific numbers early on in this process.

Yesterday I logged in and could see hour-by-hour that the stats were ticking up to 10.000 and I caught the stats at exactly 10.001. There they were, all the emotions of 16 months of learning, re-learning, adapting, working, overworking, adjusting, and then achieving.

I’m done with the “goals” for this podcast now, and am willing to simply see where it goes. Now I’m going to focus on really, really enjoying the ride.

Thanks so much to everyone here, and thank you specifically @craigconstantine !
GWN Podcast Cover 10000 downloads


Ope! Almost forgot to post this here. I tried tying in our regional comedic genius Charlie Berens’ tagline “Tell your folks I says hi” to the similar but different greetings custom in German-speaking countries.

We’ll see how it resonates with people: How do you "Tell your folks I says hi" in German? - German With


Back to the future…errr…I mean the one-minute practice!

This year I decided to do an audio advent calendar and as of today people can download the blank PDF so they can follow along. December 1-25 there are then 25 audios with short explanations and a bit of context. It took me back to the one-minute practice and it was a delight!

If you care to check it out: