Community campfire this Sunday

When and where

This Sunday, at 3pm NYC-time, (that’s your 2021-11-14T20:00:00Z,) is the November Campfire!

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The Community gets together occasionally in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

:warning: Reminder: You can subscribe to the Community’s Google calendar to see everything that’s going on. Details are in, Podcaster Community calendar.

What’s a campfire?

Every month, on the second Sunday at 3pm NYC-timezone we’ll gather in a Zoom call for random, unstructured, socializing.

The call will not be recorded freeing us to be a little more lively and relaxed. Everyone can speak and/or simply listen in the Zoom call.

Everyone in the call will be invited to co-edit a Google Doc, in real time. It’s like instant-messaging by typing into the Google Doc. When the call ends, I will copy the contents of the Google document into a new Topic that will appear in #campfires

What is this silliness?

:thinking: What happens? You get an enjoyable social experience in the call, and we come away with a document that is interesting for others to read after the fact. In the document, for example, we can share images, links, etc.

Once you’re in the Zoom call, I’ll put the click-to-edit link into the Zoom chat. Don’t worry—just show up and ask questions :slight_smile:

Long ago, the Movers Mindset team did this and had a lot of fun. You can see the results in, the Movers Mindset Campfire topics. I have also put up a lengthy post on my blog, Campfire, marshmallows and conversation which unpacks more of the origin story.



Love this idea. Check out Mural as an option for collaboration.


That’s neat!

…but the entire point of using a Gdoc is to force us down into text-only (with a few links and dropped in images) thinking. There’s magic in the text-focused “dumb” tools, Campfire, marshmallows and conversation – Craig Constantine


Fun! Unfortunately I won’t be available, as we just got an exposure alert :cold_face:; I’ll be sticking a Qtip into my brain at that time. Gross.

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Reminder that this campfire starts in about 20 minutes . . .

This campfire is now posted in, Campfire — Nov 14, 2021

Supe-fun! Thank you everyone :smiley: