Change to how I'm posting transcripts here in PodComm

I’m going to put the full transcripts in the post with the embedded player. I’ll wrap the brunt of the transcript in a “reveal more”, so it’s not a huge wall of text if you’re on mobile, etc.

For example…

For 123 episodes :exploding_head: I’ve been putting the full transcripts in a separate topic. My thinking was that it reduced what you were bombarded with, if Discourse forwards “hey new topic in #listen” messages to your email.

…but I think it’s more important that one be able to look at the transcript while listening, or even glance at it before listening, or be able to search in the text while listening.


I’d love any thoughts my posting of transcripts this new way.


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@craigconstantine - you are churning out some good material. I especially liked this excerpt from one of your recent pieces:
“…literally no one ever has asked me when the next episode will be out. Nor why I don’t publish on a schedule. Maybe they’re all just ignoring me, or think I’m a weird podcaster. But know what I definitely am not? …beholden to a schedule…”

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