Campfire: Sunday, Sep 12, 3pm Eastern

The next half-hour campfire is Sunday Sep 12, 3pm Eastern (that’s 2021-09-12T19:00:00Z your time).

This is again, the second Sunday of the month. I'll be sticking with that schedule for a few months to see how things develop.

Zoom link

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What is a campfire?

Please see, for details… it’s not just a Zoom call. :slight_smile:



Who is planning on attending? :slight_smile:

We’ll hop on a Zoom call (link is above) for half an hour, and we’ll be co-editing a Google Doc. If you want to up the enjoyment you get, have a few things in mind that you want to share, talk about, ask etc. — that keeps the Google Doc growing with interesting material.

Show up on the Zoom call, and I’ll show you where I will be… hint: Not in Pennsylvania :wink:

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This sounds like fun! I’ll try to join on Sunday depending on how I’m feeling (getting my 2nd COVID shot tomorrow).

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Sounds wonderfully toasty @craig

This Sunday is a no show but perhaps another? and I’ll break my Weekend Device Free Zone rule.

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It’s every month on the second-sunday. You can subscribe to the community’s calendar feed:

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I’ll make a note of it!

Thank you for the concierge service @craig

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…this starts in about 50 minites. Short half-hour call with some google-docs silliness.