Campfire — Sep 12, 2021



Craig: What’s a campfire? I wrote a long blog post about where the Campfire idea comes from, Campfire, marshmallows and conversation – Craig Constantine

Special shout-out to @thearena for making the awesome cover-art!

A quiet Sunday

As we hit the 3pm (in my timezone :slight_smile: hour, it’s just me. So I’ll use the half hour to do some brain-dumping!

The companion podcast

Thoughts on the Podcaster Community podcast? It’s just shy of 500 downloads.

But what I’ve found delightful, is the level of engagement everyone has shown with the individual episodes. I’m not sure if listeners are playing in their fave podcatching apps, or if they’re using the embedded audio player that I include with each episode—you could hit reply and tell me though—but there are significant numbers of views and replies on the topics. Listen - Podcaster Community Shows some of the topics are heading towards 100 views.

All of which tells me that people are enjoying and listening. So that’s good enough for me!

Recording in person

I’m getting ready for a podcast recording road trip in October for Movers Mindset <> Melissa has started lining up guests, and I’m plotting my way from home, to Sterling VA, Hyattsville MD, Raleigh NC… where there are a bunch of amazing athletes. I’m not sure how ambitious I should get though. It takes us so long to produce an episode of Movers Mindset, that I don’t want to come home with 20 and then have it be a year before someone’s conversation comes out.

But generally, I’ve done three in-person interviews this year, with another one planned in the next week or so. I’m really looking forward to doing more.

When something works…

I’ve also decided to copy the “minimum viable podcast” idea from the Podcaster Community’s companion show, to Movers Mindset. I’m beginning to do outreach, and will be using Zoom—rather than Zencastr. The guests for MM aren’t as gear-equiped as the podcasters, so a simple Zoom recording will be easier.

I’m spoiled though. I recorded one as a prototype, and as we all know so well MP3 isn’t WAV. On the other hand, my guest was using just the mic he had on hand, so Zencastr wouldn’t have helped me. Obsession - with Andrew Obenreder

Podcast “catalogs” ?

Has anyone seen a good way to get a listing of all of a show’s episodes?

The closest I’ve come is two ways: Sometimes I can find a complete listing on the show’s main web site. With a little bit of “Save as source…” and some programming ninja tricks, I can end up with a long listing of URLs. Then I have more mad-scientist code that will feed those URLs, one per day, into my personal reading system. It’s clunky, but it’s so amazingly handy. I can look at one episode per day (I go to the url and look at the episode’s notes to decide if I want to add that episode to my player.)

The other option is to “bend” PodChaser to do what I want. I can flip through its listing for a show’s episodes. I’ve been thinking of beginning to use podchaser to track what I’ve listened to… but Overcast (my fave pod app) already does that.

Dunno. I’m off in the weeds on this idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


No really I’m serious this time I’m really going to work on this and make progress

Topics tagged articles holds just one article at the moment. But that one seemed to go over really well. I have this suspicion that if I just a second one, then a 3rd, 4th and so on… I’ll get really good at it. :slight_smile:


Which would be really useful. Movers Mindset has about a million words of transcripts (and there are about 20 episodes that weren’t transcribed.) One of the podcasts for this community’s show is about the size of a good “chapter” in MM’s longer shows. There might be three chapter-sized articles in each episode [on average I’m guessing.]

…so there are 300 articles waiting to be written for MM that I’d really like to get to writing.

Community health?

So far, so great! There’s a small cadre of super-awesome people who’ve chosen to become a supporting member. Those people in the inner circle have picked up the tab for about 6 months worth of ALL of the costs to run all of the stuff around this community. If that’s you— you’re awesome thank you.

If you’ve not taken the generous leap— you should be seeing some random “house ads” about supporting the community… :smiley:



And there you go, @Craig, providing value even when we are no-shows! So sorry, life was happening that day for loved ones, so I totally ditzed out! Thanks for leading us through our fog!

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You’re, of course, very welcome.

However, it was all part of my plan. If no one shows, then I’ll use the half hour to do a brain dump, since I hadn’t done one of those in a while. I don’t expect everyone to make time, or to remember… get what you need, show up when you want, etc. :slight_smile:

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