Campfire: Saturday, Nov 11, 2023


November 11th is the first Campfire Zoom call for November…

Saturday, November 11th - 3pm Eastern US/NYC

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Video, notes and takeaways will be posted as replies to this topic. Hope to see you there!

Call link

Zoom Call link :arrow_down_small:

Meeting ID: 832 2477 6910
Passcode: 914191

What’s a campfire?

Campfires are our twice-monthly (2nd Saturdays and last Sundays) gatherings where you can share your ideas and passion for podcasting in a social setting.

About the Campfires category has the details and how to make them appear automatically on your calendar.



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  • Opening remarks and casual conversation about recent events.

  • Podcasting Challenges and Approaches

    • Challenges in finalizing a podcast episode, including struggles with perfectionism. [04:15]
    • Advice to embrace imperfection and the importance of continuous improvement. [09:10]
  • Guest Interaction and Content Creation

    • Reflection on podcast guest interactions and the creative process. [12:30]
    • Experiences with spontaneous moments and struggles in structuring content. [20:45]
  • Reviewing and Editing Podcast Episodes

    • Post-production activities, occasional review of past episodes, and learning from mistakes. [25:55]
    • Contemplation of editing an old episode and seeking advice on the matter. [31:20]
  • Lessons from Comedians

    • Insights from comedians like Steve Martin and Colin Jost. [36:45]
    • The impact of every word in live performances and the emphasis on continuous improvement. [42:20]
  • Final Thoughts and Farewell

    • Closing reflections on the conversation and farewells. [47:35]
    • Discussion on the opportunity cost of delaying and the risk of creative ossification. [54:10]

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@craigconstantine @ChristiCassidy @Kato Craig, thanks again for leading the conversation. Great recap.

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