Campfire - October 10



Craig: What’s a campfire? I wrote a long blog post about where the Campfire idea comes from, Campfire, marshmallows and conversation – Craig Constantine

Where is everyone joining from today?

C: I’m tucked into a rest area near Richmond Va. If you’ve not yet noticed, I’ve a topic where I’m showing some of my work while I’m on a week-long road trip doing in-person podcast recordings, On the road: Movers Mindset field recordings

C: I was writing a blog post yesterday—which went out as part of my weekly email early this morning—about [among many other things] how I’m well aware that I’m setting myself up for a lot of work, and a lot of challenges in recording. Short nights of sleep, long hours of driving. But just as I expected, it was all worth it for the deeeee-lightful conversation I just had this morning. 5 (or 6?) more opportunities are coming up this week.

A: So I have a question–how much do I need to edit my podcast guest when they stammer?

C: Last week we had four new people choose to become supporting members! Wow! I’m super-grateful for everyone’s support.

Talking about the nuts-bolts of editing

C: ¿ how much should we edit ? Nervousness and stammering… how much do we cut out? I always think we should measure against the same as in-person. Would a random person (our podcast listener) listen to this speaker in person?

C: I mentioned Jey’s point about how he gives himself a set amount of time to edit. He starts at the front and then just stops (leaving the rest of it raw or more raw). The thinking is that if a listener is “on board” after a few well-edited minutes, they’ll be ok with the “natural” speaker.

Chatting out my “kit”

C: discussion of the Zoom H6 and the kit I use when travelling

Piano Phase

C: Has everyone seen Monika’s project… Discovery - with Mašanauskaitė and Szalucka

…she and Anna were on the PodComm show.


C: thanks gang for your positive comments about the PodComm show.

Great suggestions…

Bruce: Awesome documentary called 1971 on AppleTV.

C: Are you guys listening to (Curtis Cates’ podcast)

Anette: Ken Byrn’s(sp?) Country Music documentary, and there’s one on Jazz