Campfire, marshmallows and conversation!

Today I’m excited to announce the silliest idea here yet…


Once a month, we’ll gather in a Zoom call for random, unstructured, socializing. The call will not be recorded freeing us to be a little more lively and relaxed.

At the same time, everyone on the call will be invited to co-edit a Google Doc, in real time.

Everyone can speak, listen and “instant message” in the Doc. When the call ends, I will copy the contents of the document into a new Topic that will appear in #campfires

What the heck is this silliness?

I have put up a lengthy post on my blog, Campfire, marshmallows and conversation which explains the origin story.

A while ago, the Movers Mindset team did this and had a lot of fun. You can see the results in, the Movers Mindset Campfire topics.

What happens is you get an enjoyable social experience in the call, and we come away with a document that is interesting for others to read after the fact. In the document, for example, we can share images, links, etc.

We’ll have a Zoom call, and I’ll put the click-to-edit link to the Google Doc in the chat within the call. Don’t worry—just show up and ask questions :slight_smile:

At the end of the call, I’ll copy-and-paste into a new topic.




Fun! I like this idea a lot.

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I need to pick a recurring date/time that works for me—so I can be there to facilitate for at least the first few. Down the road, there’s no reason these couldn’t happen if I’m unable to make it.

I’d like to have them on…

2nd Sunday of each month, from 3 to 4pm NYC-timezone

So the first one would be…


Poll time! …please pick one or two answers:

  • I plan to attend the 1st one (Sun Aug 8, 3p-NYC)
  • That works generally for me (2nd Sundays, 3pm-NYC)
  • …no that doesn’t work for me, generally

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Sounds fun! I’m in! Thanks, @Craig!


Will have to slip into participation opportunities as the schedule permits. (Not certain about August 8, but likely no. If that can change, I’ll be there.)

As with the David Nebinski and Maria Xenidou sessions in Forward Link, my attendance will be spotty, but I always enjoy the time when I can jump in. Likewise here.

The Google Doc idea is a good one - I really want to see that in action. The concept has some great possibilities for any forum/discussion work.
Also a solid idea to make these calls a “premium” offering.




Hoping to break away from an intense 3-day writing workshop ‘cause I think I could use some silliness and camaraderie that’s entertaining.

I like the concept!

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Sep 12th’s campfire info is posted:

i hope to make the next one…i don’t understand it but it sounds fun and fascinating

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