Campfire — Aug 8, 2021



Craig: Insert more lines as you need them. Hit return a few times and type away. You can also drop bare urls, like and the Right Thing will happen. You can also drop images in, like this…

Craig: What’s a campfire? I wrote a long blog post about where the Campfire idea comes from,


Craig: I have to admit that I’ve just put Memory Palace into my collection of “I should probably be keeping up with… any other “must listen to”? This podcast → the memory palace

Podcomm community changes?

Craig: I recently rearranged the structure of the categories… Categories - Podcaster Community So now instead of #public having a bunch of sub-categories, they’re all at the top-level…

Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 15.02.38

Craig: …and I keep feeling like I should do something better with the way I just dump the “iframe” code from Simple Cast… so look odd in the site’s topic’s previews:

Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 15.06.55

Anette: I can’t believe Craig says he’s never done sports. Or so he said in a podcast I listened to yesterday. Is Parkour not a sport?

Craig: …indeed it is. I think I meant that I’m not super “into” sports.

Discussion of what is the Podcaster Community

Craig: Lots of convo in the video call… talking about what is PodComm, what it isn’t… This has been coming up often — duh craig, new community :slight_smile: — I recently wrote this, which may be of some help: Who's it for?

…if you’re reading (after the fact) hit reply and I’m happy to answer questions.

…we also talked about the differences between some of the different Akimbo courses that we’ve experienced.

Let’s try an experiment…

Anette: Okay!

You muted me! So now I have to type! Is that it?

Craig: yes I did:)

Craig: Linda, what’s so hard about host on mic? Campfire — oldskool.

Linda: I guess I have to own the words. And have an opinion about what I want to talk about.

Craig: …and it’s hard to create all the energy yourself.

Anette: Host on mic was tough for me, especially at first. Still not my fave.

Craig: Isn’t it interesting how having to type it changes the experience. So normally, I’d keep the audio running too so we can laugh at each other and interject things we dont want in the record.


Linda: Annette, you prefer to have guests to interview?

Anette: Yes, I’m more comfortable there. And I think there’s more wisdom in the room then. Much of my work is in concert with others, so that’s where I feel best with my podcast, I guess.

C: we’re few in number, initials are fine too :stuck_out_tongue:

C: No reason we can’t jump around and work on multiple parts

A: Since I’m still muted, I’ll type!

What’s t​​he best podcast episode that springs to mind…

A; For me, the fun podcasts immediately spring to mind, so that includes the ones my kids have done or the ones with the hubby on pandemics. Sorry I initially think of my own.

C: …when I ask: “What have you listened to recently?”

L: I’ve been listening to Have You Heard George’s Podcast but Apple is driving me nuts and keeps taking me to the first episode. So it’s insanity making trying to listen as I’m out for a walk. I keep getting bumped to episodes I’ve already heard. GAAAAH!

C: Is “George has a podcast” the actual title? I don’t see that in’s search results… ooooooh, Have You Heard George’s Podcast? No, I have not.

C: ^L hmmm, lemme go look at their RSS feed . . .

A: What’s it about, Linda? Oh, that looks interesting! I’ll check it out!

L: He’s London born spoken word artist, “George the Poet”. George Mpanga. He takes on all kinds of social issues, it’s part drama, part spoke word, part social commentary. Awesome.

C: . . . well, that’ sees wonky, Feed Validator Results:

L: How can you see it’s wonky?

C: “wonky” lots of yellow goo and the parser engine is whining. In the feed validator below it just barfs an “invalid” error and gives up.

C: who is “George” ??

A: George the Poet. Mine worked.

C: …and yeah, their RSS feed is borken, Cast Feed Validator

C: Who is “George t​e​h Poet” ???

A: George Mpanga, better known by his stage name George the Poet, is a British spoken-word artist with an interest in social and political issues.

Anette turns without a signal :laughing:

A: Shiny is my nickname!

A: So where do you see this as useful? Like I’m thinking of my coding club. We could do this as we watch a livestream or something. Or share code as we work through something.

C: ^yes. It’s like a workbook. Combined with a dm-stream from your phone. Combined with building a big web page (inline images and such)

A: So if I’m on a development team for a website, project, whatever. I can see this helping. THanks for a new tool! Or an untool. I think we are boring Linda.

C: It’s like an un-tool. It’s just a text document. You could use this if you had people talking and one person was supposed to take realtime notes — court stenographer style.

C: oh, time to pick on Linda… who’s just wallflowering us. Lurker!

A: If I turned my kids loose on this, they’d go nuts with lots of bad jokes.

L: This isn’t my bag… I live alone so not talking is what I do all day and I type on Discourse all day so… And I don’t type very quickly so I always feel behind the conversation.

C: ^ look, SHE ENGAGES! Huzzah! high-five-bro

C: there’s a lot to be said for learning how to be surgical with what you insert.

Pagination sucks…

C: I don’t like that google shoves things down when … oh duh craig. I forgot we can each go in our View menu and UN-check the “print layout” then it’s one long scroll… easier to jump around in.

C: … ever see/hear of Stephen Wolfram has this “workbook” thing that lets you combine doing math and graphing, right inline, along with writing.

A: I’ll have to check that out.

C: is a computational engine, “how many day between 9/7/1971 and today” it figures it out. I has a lot of “common sense” knowledge that it can use.

A: Perfect! My upcoming 100th episode is around data. This may help!

C: mmmmmmm data.


A: good one! What the one with Picard re data?

C: I have a nice collection of meme images… but only use them when appropriate.

L: Ok, I’ma gonna love you and leave you’se!

And we’re done


Sorry I couldn’t make it, I was on a business call which went on sooooo much longer than I thought it would. Have just been choosing music for my new Podcast idea.
Best wishes
See you all soon


Haha, your awkward guests will do better next time, @Craig! :slight_smile:

And, con su permiso, I will steal your “mmmm, data!” for my podcast episode title soon! Please???


It would be a high compliment, steal away. :smiley:


And I was in traffic with my daughter @craig. See you next time!