Books and Online Reading

The following are suggested reading about podcasting in general. Reading suggestions for particular topics within podcasting (interviewing, storytelling, etc) will be found in those sections within this guide.


Make Noise by E Nuzum — “A slow read but riveting. Slow because you have to keep stopping and put it into practice. A must read” ~ @steveh

Out on the Wire by J Abel — Go behind the scenes of seven of today’s most popular narrative radio shows and podcasts, including This American Life and RadioLab , in graphic narrative.

Profitable Podcasting by S Woessner — Did you know there’s a much better tool for spreading influence and generating revenue–one with far less competition? Podcasting offers rich opportunities, especially if you get in early and do it right.

So You Want to Start a Podcast by K Meinzer — An inspiring, comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating a hit show, So You Want to Start a Podcast covers everything from hosting and guest booking to editing and marketing - while offering plenty of encouragement and insider stories along the way.

Sound Reporting — Perhaps you’ve always wondered how public radio gets that smooth, well-crafted sound. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a podcast, and want some tips from the pros. Or maybe storytelling has always been a passion of yours, and you want to learn to do it more effectively. Whatever the case Sound Reporting will give you a rare tour of the world of a professional broadcaster.

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