Are you free at 3pm (PDT) - Recording a podcast live using Spotify's Greenroom

Today at 3pm (PDT) I’m the guest on the Digital Tells podcast. It’s going to be an interesting experience for me as they do things quite differently.

First it’s recorded live using Greenroom (Spotify’s version of Clubhouse).
And second, they use their software SlideTech to allow me to deliver slides to the audience.

The subject is “Authentically Connecting in Remote Teams”

If you’re free and would like to be part of the experience here’s how to join:

  1. Download Greenroom (from Spotify) on the App Store.
  2. Follow @samnorton to get on the audience list.
  3. You’ll get a ping when the show goes live!

Interested to hear about your experience @Mark. Not able to join this time but thanks for including us in this opportunity :blush:


Thanks. I’m a bit nervous because it has all the hallmarks of a disaster. New tech, it’s live, and it’s the first time I’ve used slides in perhaps a decade! :grinning:


Sounds great @Mark
Have schedule hiccup but sending you good wishes from Whidbey

how’d it go? @Mark ?

Hi Linda,

Sorry, somehow I missed your message. It went better than it felt!

There were some tech issues that made it tricky because it was live, but the edit shows none of that so I’m pretty pleased with it.
What was particularly daunting was using Greenroom, because that meant it was from my phone but I figured out how to get my USB mic attached to my phone so I think I sounded pretty good.