About this Podcasting Guide

Topics in this category form the Podcasting Guide. Click on any topic to get started.

There’s a group, @podguides, for the volunteers who work on this guide.

If you want to help, click on :arrow_right: @podguides and then click the [+ Request] button in the pop-up.

The group

I’ve added a few people to the @podguides group based on a little discussion that occurred in the Supporters category.

Feel free to leave the group any time. Click @podguides and then click [Leave].


Let’s imagine the guide composed of sections. Each section will be a topic which we create here. I encourage you to create a topic if a section just lept into your head :slight_smile: …or hit reply if you want to cook your ideas for sections further.

As a member of the group, you’ll be able to edit everything we write here. So please scribble on the walls.

Head for the Podcasting Guide category and hit the [New Topic] button.


I’ll add a bit of magic to the topics (so, we need to create some). That will let us organize things into an order. People reading will be able to use the navigation to move forward/backward through the sections.

Discourse notifications feature

You’ll probably want to turn up the notifications for things in this category. Go to the Podcasting Guide category and hit the little :bell: icon top right. There you can set the tracking level for the entire category.


What about having a section in the Guide for something like this Workbench topic that once came up…


I’ve added some simple navigation to the tops of the current Topics.

There’s a central configuration that I have to edit to put a Topic into a particular position in the Guide.

How does the navigation embedding work?

Each topic just has a little bit of code added at the top. This can be added at any time.

<div data-custom="umbconn" data-umbconn="/vpodguide/t1234"></div>

Discourse replaces that will the navigation that you see when you view the topic.

The 1234 number needs to be replaced with the topic’s own ID. The ID is visible at the end of the topic’s URL:


Sometimes, there’s another number after the ID:


…which is the URL for the 42nd reply, beneath the 1234 topic.