About the Supporters podcasts category

A place for our Supporting Members to post information about their podcasts. If you are not yet a Supporting Member see, What’s inside.

Your podcast

One new topic for each show, please. It’s fine to include an example episode/trailer, images, etc in your topic—whatever you want to include to share your show.

If you include images, the first image you include in your post will automatically show up on the #supporters-podcasts category display.


If you want to mention individual episodes as you release them, please post them as replies under your show’s topic. That will “bump” your topic to the top of things, and anyone following your topic will get a notification.


If you are looking for guests, use the guests-wanted tag on your topic. There’s more information on tags in, How to use tagging for collaboration (supporting members only).

If you want to use some advanced styling, take a look at Advanced topic styling (supporting members only).