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A space where our supporting members can post photos of people, places, gear, etc. that we find interesting.

No “live” f2f podcasting conversations yet - but I am hopeful that one day I may be Zoom H5-ing with some guests. Right now, this photo “is all I got.” It was taken pre-COVID :mask: , so i had some hair (as I started cutting my own hair thereafter, what was still there to trim :scissors:, so my next updated photo will be a candidate for the #ShinyCranium category.

This is not a creative post as it’s the same as my Podcaster Community photo, but I will update it at some point, as I am now in a new house/location AND I’ve finally joined (at least) the minor league with a desk-mounted mic arm, replacing the floor-stand-tripod-apparatus that was a bit top-heavy and easily tripped over :laughing: