About the News category

This “News” category is weird. You’ll be happier if you read how to use it. Read more…

There’s nothing here if you are NOT logged in

We don’t want anonymous web robots and search engines crawling this news category. Bots don’t log in. So if you aren’t logged in, you’ll see no topics here.

You can completely hide this stuff

…and if you are logged in, you may wish to never see this stuff.

If you set the notification level to “Muted” on the #news category. You will never see this stuff.

Click this: #news and then change the notifications dropdown at the right to Muted…

Notification level is normally, uh, Normal

By default you can see News topics in the Latest and Top views, but you won’t get notifications of each new topic.

If someone @-mentions you in a news topic, you will be notified. If a topic gets active or popular, it might even rise up on the Top view.

You can enable notifications

If you want to be notified of new topics in #news , then set the notification level to Watching First Post (or one of the even higher notification levels.)

How topics appear in here

This platform follows a number of RSS feeds, and creates new topics (including links to the original things, of course) as new things appear.

If you have a suggestion for an RSS feed to follow, send me a private message via @craigconstantine .


Thank you for sending this… again?! I overlooked it back in January.