About the Monthly Focus category

Each month we explore one idea related to podcasting.

Why have a monthly focus idea?

The key to navigating the sprawling complexity of podcasting is to figure out what you can ignore. (You want to ignore as much as you can!) Then you’re able to go deeper into the particular parts that are interesting and necessary to what you are creating.

Our monthly focus idea brings up something different each month. You can sit back and simply read the monthly focus topic as it grows. That gives you enough information to decide whether the month’s idea is something you want to dig into.

Two parts to each monthly idea

Explore — The first part of each month’s idea will be about exploration. A new topic will be created, here in the Monthly Focus category, and we’ll talk about the month’s focus idea.

Experiment — The second part will be about experimenting for yourself. A second topic will be created and those who want to experiment with what they’ve learned can show their work.