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Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The Community gets together occasionally in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art. READ MORE…


Once a month, on the second Sunday at 3pm NYC-timezone we’ll gather in a Zoom call for random, unstructured, socializing. The call will not be recorded freeing us to be a little more lively and relaxed.

At the same time, everyone on the call will be invited to co-edit a Google Doc, in real time.

Everyone can speak and/or simply listen in the Zoom call. But you can also “instant message” by typing into the Google Doc. When the call ends, I will copy the contents of the Google document into a new Topic that will appear in #campfires

:warning: Reminder: You can subscribe to the Community’s Google calendar to see everything that’s going on. Details are in, Podcaster Community calendar.

What the heck is this silliness?

I have put up a lengthy post on my blog, Campfire, marshmallows and conversation which explains the origin story. A while ago, the Movers Mindset team did this and had a lot of fun. You can see the results in, the Movers Mindset Campfire topics.

:thinking: What happens? You get an enjoyable social experience in the call, and we come away with a document that is interesting for others to read after the fact. In the document, for example, we can share images, links, etc.

We’ll have a Zoom call, and I’ll put the click-to-edit link to the Google Doc in the chat within the call. Don’t worry—just show up and ask questions :slight_smile:

At the end of the call, I’ll copy-and-paste into a new topic.