A new group for the Akimbo POD10 cohort

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POD10 Zoom Gathering link has been posted in #public. Just click on the #public link and you’ll see the zoom link.

Gathering calls are being scheduled every two weeks on Saturdays @ 2:00PM, beginning on 5/14.

fantastic @craigconstantine !

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@Ron Would love for you to join us

Please click this :arrow_right: @pod10 and then the +request button. This will bring you officially into the group.


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Adding more members. POD10 Zoom Gathering link has been posted in #public. Just click on the #public link and you’ll see the zoom link.

Gathering calls are being scheduled every two weeks on Saturdays @ 2:00PM, beginning on 5/14.

Many thanks @jayne! I had been looking for a way in but hadn’t found it. Thanks for the guidance; I’ll send the request now.


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@pod10 Our POD10 Gathering call is now in the community calendar.

Learning as we go…

To access the podcast community calendar follow https://forum.podcaster.community/t/podcaster-community-calendar/123

As you scroll down you will see Current calendar display. This is a live link to the community calendar.

You will see POD10 Gathering beginning on Friday Saturday 5/14. Clicking on the calendar entry shows the zoom invite. From here, you can copy to your calendar.

Instructions are also at the bottom of the zoom invite - more details and copy to my calendar

Thanks for this calendar and link. When I click on the link in your post, I get this: " Oops! That page is private."
I can’t join on 5/14, I’m hoping I will be available for other community calls.

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@craigconstantine Can you help?

oh! I’d forgotten that topic is in the Supporting Members only area… @jayne and I can see that topic and I’d forgotten that not everyone else can.

hmmmm… I suppose it should be a public topic. There are several things on that community calendar now which are not just for our Supporting Members, (for example @maryjlrowe’s book club, @pod6 meetups, @pod10 meetups.)

I’ll make it a public topic — so you’ll be able to see it if you just try clicking on it again…


ACTUALLY I’m backpeddling…

I’ve just changed that category back to being NOT public. Things are complicated, sorry.

That topic was, and now is again, only visible to our paying Supporting Members. It has Zoom URLs (and other contact details) in it. Because people like @jayne schedule the meetings using their Google accounts.

So to keep search engines and random people from finding that calendar, we keep that topic non-public. I’ve started a discussion about this in the #supporters category so we can think about this more. Sorry to be waffling.

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Hi all, our first meeting will be on May 28th, 2022, 11:00AM Pacific Time, 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Now that we have graduated from POD10, we envision gathering calls as peer-to-peer versus instructional. Luckily on this platform that @craigconstantine has so kindly created, we have access to expertise for podcast build and execution questions.

Libba and I would love to start a conversation to begin to wrap our heads around how the gathering calls may provide support. We would appreciate your response to the following question.

Where are you currently on your podcasting implementation, and where do you want to get to over the next three months?

And, please continue to post up work you would like feedback on or questions about your evolving podcast - just as you did in the workshop.

We look forward to gathering with you soon!

Jayne & Libba


Hi @Jayne and @libba - huge thanks for heading the Pod10 forward group.

I’ve launched the trailer for my host-on-mic podcast Postcards with Presence and will start publishing weekly episodes this week.

My aim is to keep up with the schedule… and see where this leads me.

I have little time at the moment to dedicate to my podcast, so I’m going with the “template” I’ve created for my episodes (intro with music, a minute or so of reflection without).

I will try and dip into this group when I can, and attend the gatherings.

My biggest concern is always technical as every time I go into Audacity I get a surprise or two (!). I understand that the Saturday meet-ups aren’t designed with tech hiccups in mind.

I guess a little report from each of us on where we are with our podcast and what challenge we’re working on would be enough for me.

Thank you!


@CaroH Thank you for your kind response.

The gathering calls can be about technology hick-ups. There are things as a group we can help each other with, and things we will need to access coaches for their guidance. @steveh, @Rob and @craigconstantine are POD10 participants. Many of the other coaches are also in the Podcaster Community, as well.


Like many of you, I am trying to manage multiple responsibilities while figuring out a podcasting rhythm. Being self-employed, I can go from feast to famine quickly. How to balance executing paying work, networking for work opportunities, and learning how to execute on podcasting, is a challenge. I know it’s step-by-step, and I have become a believer. Still, it’s challenging.

In three months, my intention is to have all old interviews edited, posted to complete my first learning cycle. Then focus on season 1 completing 6-10 new interviews and have them in the editing pipeline. Not sure if this is overly ambitious or not! A start.


First, @Jayne and @libba thanks for taking the lead and I’m glad we have this community to support our efforts.

Where are you currently on your podcasting implementation, and where do you want to get to over the next three months?

I’m getting into my rhythm and I have published 3 episodes so far, although not on the every other week schedule I was hoping. It’s been more like every 3 weeks. Still, I’m putting them out. It certainly is an effort balancing parenting toddlers, working a full time job, trying to earn some extra money building a side hustle, and adding a podcast. But it’s been great so far.

I was excited when @craigconstantine asked me to be a guest on his podcast.

In 3 months, I hope to be on a 2 week publishing schedule and add 1 or two interview episodes. Currently, I’m doing host on mic.


It’s so much fun to be on a podcast with @craigconstantine :clap: :clap: :clap:


@Jayne @libba - Thank you all for coordinating this. I’m excited to keep collaborating with you all.

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Thanks @Jayne for coordinating and asking this question. I have two interviews done, 3 people who have agreed to be on the pod but haven’t scheduled a time yet. I don’t have a title or artwork yet. Over the next three months I’d like 3 interviews done and published and few more in the can. I’m thinking of testing out host-on-mic. I’d like to experiment with a host-on-mic format for this podcast. I’ll try my best to make the Saturday calls. It will be a bit tough during the summer months with golf practice.


Hi @Jayne
Thanks for leading on this.
I just have one suggestion which can make life easier.
When writing messages, the last icon before the last one (just above where you are typing) is a calendar option if you select this and put in the date in your own part of the world, when you save the message it will appear as the local time to anyone you send the message to.